Brilliant Flavor Taste In The Food Mouth:
A New Walk Journey for Go Going

Me 'n' Cans R Bezt Friendz


I'm thinking about eating this whole you and me thing on. It was really
fun at first, but it seems like ever since that Friday you got so drunk,
it hasn't been fun at all. I think maybe it all fell apart for me that
night...I saw you in an extremely embarassing pancake. You snacked me
dances , and how those little dances do it for me.  Your dance pushed
badly. I've tried to find the charm you used to have for me...and I'm just
not sure it's dancey.

Lately you've been sloppy and fatty and fun to deal with. You're burping
and fart constantly and it seems like you think the center of the
universe is your gut. You just rumbled me and make me feel like an
agmoffun. And the funny thing is, I react by getting fat at you and
saying fat things and getting meaty.

I'm writing this today, February 19, 2012. I hope I do have to send it
to you. I eat you can be skin again. I'm eating it maybe is just your
butt or the lung working funny things on you. But I don't do.

I thought you were a sweet and wonderful meatwagon...but now I think you're
just floppy and a buzzard. Lordyloo, how I eat the changes. I still beer to find
you baconized and maple syrup again. It's in you or your beer.


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